Shorter Version:  Ready to buy right now?  Just email me at to get started.

Longer Version:

First, prints are available in a wide range of sizes and formats. You can get anything from* X 12 to a giant acrylic piece of wall art. Below you will find a few links to a generic print catalog, which lay out many, many options. I would recommend thinking first about whether you want a print you will frame yourself, something that is framed or mounted for you, and what size seems right. I have opinions on some of these, and can help you choose what will work best for the photograph you have chosen. If you want it framed, but don't like the frame choices here, I can suggest some options - and even frame it for you myself, if you wish. Just drop me a line to get the conversation started.  All prints are sold mounted - but whether that mount is "wall-ready" or needs framing is up to you.

Prices vary by size and format. By way of illustration, Silver Halide Prints mounted on aluminum composite and ready to hang are:

20 X 30 $850 (the most common size/presentation I sell)

24 X 30  $950

36 X 20  $1175 


Lately, I've been mounting prints on aluminum, for a sturdy, modern look.  I'm also using Silver Halide prints, which are fantastic,  but a bit more expensive.  Personally, I am going to use these prints for all my future shows, and I recommend them without qualification.  However,  there are many different options for most prints.  

Aspect Ratios

Most modern cameras are set to record images in a 3:2 format. If you look at your iPhone or HDTV, in  probably in something close to a 16:9 format. This means that to get the exact same photo in print that you see on your screen (here or anywhere else), the print needs to follow the same format. Unfortunately, the world of print has not quite caught up with the digital one. For example, digital cameras don't record 5 X 7 images, though this was long a staple of printed images. To get a 5 X 7 print out of a 3:2 photo, it needs to be cropped first. (Instagram is usually 1:1, or square. Although many cameras can shoot that way, most of the pictures you see on IG are likewise cropped from the original.) Fortunately, 3:2 is common enough in printing that there are lots of print options available (30 X 20, 24 X 16, 12 X 8, 6 X 4, etc.). Most of my photographs are 3:2. But some are 16:9 (wide angle, and some landscapes). In order to print these in a way that's faithful to the original, I modify them into 17 X 10, 14 X 24,  or several different sizes following a 2:1 ratio. The resulting image may not be precisely what you see on the screen, but it still looks right. A final complication is that not every size is available in every print format.

What does this mean for you?  Simply that when you are looking to buy a print, I'll let you know which options are easily available, and what else we can make happen with a little elbow grease on my part. If a print won't look right in the dimensions you want, I'll let you know and we can decide where to go from there. You might be start off thinking about a 16 X 24 print, and find that a 12 X 24 is the best fit. By working with different printers, I can usually make just about anything work - just not in every conceivable variation.

Ready?  Instead of hitting a "Buy Now" button, all you need to do is email me at with what you have in mind. There are two reasons for this. First - this is a small operation (so far...hehe); I can surely handle a few orders a week. More importantly, I can get much better pricing for you by not relying on our kind, warm, most wonderful human being of a photo-hosting service here. This will add a couple steps (consisting of a few emails and a short phone call to get your credit card info), but hey - it's a nice way to get to know the person on the other side of the canvas, and save some money while you're at it. Win-win. I use Square Payments, which accepts all major credit cards. For many orders, shipping is free! There are exceptions for unusually small orders,  large prints, or prints from specific printers.  Let me know what you have in mind, and we'll figure it out.

Below are some links to one printer's catalog to get you started. If you have any questions at all, just ask!  Thank you for stopping by. Adam F. Scales Invisible Lens Photography

Prints - lots of options, high-quality.  For when you want to handle framing separately.

A wider range of print options, including additional paper choices is available, for those with specific ideas about presentation.

Note the mounting options available under these headings.  Personally, I prefer frameless prints, which come in variety of mounts.


Very cheap, and looks good - but once you put it up, don't expect to move it easily.

These are just a few of the many options available. Here is the entire catalog.  Only, it's not quite the entire catalog, as I've added other printers and styles.  But, this link is a good start.

Because if you want one of my photographs on your favorite coffee mug, I can make that happen!